We were not able to have an Appreciation Luncheon because the Museum, Schoolhouse, and Fire Barn were not open the summer of 2020.  Still much work was done and many thanks go to volunteers for their continued work.

Dick Gilmour, Dan Weaver, and Ron Broering stripped and stained the handicap ramp at the school house.

Craig Bridson and Tom Freiwald helped remove and edited the artifacts above the cases in the museum and Joyce Freiwald and Macey Turner, student volunteer, cleaned, reorganized, and labeled the upper displays.  Macey also helped paint the wall leading up the ramp.

Linda Forwerck is working on identifying and labeling the pictures on our mural.  A guide will eventually be made for our visitors.

The big project was redoing an area outside of the museum where there was an erosion problem. (Pictures and description to follow.)

MACEY TURNER completed 40 hours of volunteer work in  2019 and 2020 and earned the $1,000.00 scholarship.  Congratulations Macey.  We wish you much luck in the future.

A big thanks also goes to the organizations and friends who continued their financial support of the museum.


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