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Meetings are held at the schoolhouse on the 2nd Monday of each month (May – Sept), 7:00 pm

Gift from Old School House Group.jpg


Iva Welch (right) and Virginia Marrow (left) presented Joyce Freiwald, President of the the Fife Lake Area Historical Society,  a check for $602.00.  Iva and Virginia are members of a group of students who went to the old brick school house in Fife Lake.  This group met every year at the Springfield park for a reunion but they are now  disbanding as their membership is declining.  

The Historical Society gratefully hopes to put this gift towards restoring the mural on the outside of the museum.  

Schoolhouse Roofing.jpg


gets a new roof with the generous support from our friends.

$5,000.00 Grant from Great Lakes Energy People Fund (Please consider joining The Round Up Program on your Great Lakes Energy bill.)

$2,000.00 Grant from Forest Area Federal

Credit Union

Eikenhout Building Supplies of Traverse City supplied the shingles and other roofing materials.



received_572217326794493 (2).jpeg

Maycey Turner, a Forest Area High School senior, earned the Fife Lake Area Historical Society's $1,000.00 scholarship for her volunteer work.  Maycey worked 40 hours the summer of 2019 greeting guests and doing routine jobs in the 3 venues.  The summer of 2020 she did 40 hours of "hard labor" in the museum as the venues were closed to the public because of the virus.  She painted, spent time on the ladder cleaning, editing, and labeling displays above the display cases, etc. 

 Maycey plans on attending Grand Valley ​

State College to pursue a degree in Secondary English Education.  We wish her the best because she is the best.

2021 cheerleaders @ cleanup 2.jpg



2021 cheerleaders @ cleanup.jpg

Tawni Deike and her six cheerleaders from Forest Area High School needed volunteer hours for a scholarship and the Historical Society needed help raking, cleaning up stones, and spreading dirt at the museum and historical fire barn.  Board members Rod Larr (and son Chris), Dick Gilmour, Sue Nyce, Dan Weaver, Joyce Freiwald plus Ron Broering and Tom Freiwald got the job done Sunday April 25th with the help of these young ladies.  It was a "cool" job that day (37 degrees and windy) but a great collaboration and a job well done.  

The Historical Society is always grateful for any help our generous citizens of Fife Lake give us to keep our venues looking good.







The Museum, Schoolhouse, and Fire Barn were not able to be open for our guests this summer because of

Covid 19 but there still are many people to thank for working on projects.

Dick Gilmour, Dan Weaver, and Ron Broering stripped and stained the handicap ramp at the Schoolhouse. Thanks also to Tina Broering for her assistance.

Craig Bridson, Tom Freiwald, and Maycey Turner (student volunteer) took many of the artifacts from above the show cases down and edited them.  Joyce and Maycey cleaned the remaining pieces and the tops of the cases.  Items were categorized, reorganized, and labeled.

Macey helped take everything off the ramp wall, paint it, and reorganize it.

Linda Forwerck and Linda and Craig Bridson worked on identifying the 140 pictures on the large mural in the Mural Room.  Linda Forwerck is continuing to work on this project so we can print a guide for our guests.

The big project was dealing with the erosion on the outside of the museum.  A separate page with pictures and thanks will follow.

Congratulations to MAYCEY TURNER who was awarded the $1,000.00 scholarship for completing 40 hours of volunteer work during the summers of 2019 and 2020.  She can use this financial help to further her education in any way acceptable.  Congratulations Maycey and thank you for all your hard work especially the physical labor during the summer of 2020.

A big thank you to all the organizations and patrons who financially supported us during this year even though we weren't able to be open.  A special thank you to Ray and Patty Magaro who donated furniture to us when they moved.  We made $750.00 by selling it online.  All your contributions keep us going and are very much appreciated.

NEXT PROJECT:  The Schoolhouse will need a new roof next year so that will bring a new financial challenge.  We will keep you posted.



Museum Project Pictures 3.jpg

The members of the Historical Society addressed an ongoing problem at the museum.  The land on the East side of the museum was eroding because of the drainage off the roof.  This project involved removing deteriorating railroad ties, digging and leveling off the trench, laying ground cloth, installing treated lumber to form an edging and then filling the area with gravel and stone. 
Roger Gibson donated time, tractor back hoe, truck and a load of gravel.  Dr. Audrey Stryker and Michael Korn donated stones and John Smith used his front loader tractor to put the stones in Jim Ricketts hydraulic dump trailer.  Jim Ricketts and his team volunteered to install the wood edging and Dick Gilmour and his Kabota with front bucket moved the stones and got filler dirt from the village.
Large projects like this, with little cost, could not happen without the awesome support of our wonderful community.  Thank you Fife Lake for always being there when help is needed.


News & Events

We work hard to get our efforts noticed by the media and are so proud when this goal comes to fruition. A well informed community is an empowered one as well, so take a look at some of the latest coverage we’ve received below and help spread the word about all the amazing developments at Fife Lake Historical Society.

consortium mtg2.JPG

Consortium Gathering

This picture is from the 2019 Consortium gathering which the Fife Lake Historical Society hosted.  A group of Historical Societies from Antrim County plus Fife Lake gather each year to discuss programs, membership ideas, etc.  Unfortunately the group was not able to meet this year because of Covid-19. 


Look at Us Now!

Ron and Noreen Broering pulled all the “historic” weeds, bushes, and plants out of the front planter this fall and refurbished it with new bushes and flowers. The fall planting was beautiful with mums and the summer will have the petunias and geraniums like the rest of the village plantings. Now the museum is looking good inside and outside.

GL energy check.jpeg

2019 Presentation of check from Great Lakes Energy People’s Fund

Great Lakes Energy People’s Fund awarded the Historical Society a $5,000 grant to assist with the cost of removing all the old carpet in the museum and installing vinyl planking that represents old barn wood. The stage area (now called the Mural Room) also had the original yellow pine flooring refinished.


We work hard to get our efforts noticed by the media and are so proud when this goal comes to fruition. A well informed community is an empowered one as well, so take a look at some of the latest coverage we’ve received below and help spread the word about all the amazing developments at Fife Lake Historical Society.

forest area check.JPG

2018 Forest Area Federal Credit Union Presentation

Forest Area Federal Credit Union presented the Historical Society with a check for $1,045 to help pay for the new TV and mural set up. Guests can now sit down and chose one of 6 DVD’s to watch which tell the stories of Fife Lake’s history, the reconstruction of the museum after the 1978 roof collapse, or information about the museum, schoolhouse, and fire barn. The 5’ by 32’ mural is a Pictorial History of the Fife Lake area.